Friday, April 15, 2016

Ludja second chapter: From the ashes

“Over the village, the Amsel castle behaves as the moon would, it seems visible from everywhere. In the past served to defend this land against Ottomans and Hungarians, but nowadays the villagers do not live comfortable under its shadow…”

“While I write I can see the jagged silhouette of the fortress trough my window and I think again that maybe I´m pretending to do something monstrous”

In this new chapter of Ludja, a couple of travelers crossing Europe to reach the kind of village which is left out of the maps without name, the kind of place where time itself behaves in a strange way, even allowing that, sometimes, something that should not exist finds its way to do it… again. 

Still inspired by a classical conception of vampirism, in this chapter we will see the representation of one of this moments which can be found in many of the old movies of the genre, the moment of the return, when what remains as ashes grows again tangling in forgotten bones till it regains its flesh, face, and hunger. With an erotic variant, of course… if blood it´s not enough, which other seed of life could make that what is dead ceases to be?

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  1. And the dark tale continues to unfold. Sending shivers up the spine.

    1. Ludja couldn´t be there this time, just normal human characters this time, well, almost, everybody has their secrets. ;)