Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ludja I: Fall ot the blackbird


As I hope could be understood from my previous post, Ludja is a character who never wanted to stay in her coffin. This Austrian vampiress born in the XVI century had without a doubt a story to be told, some illustrations at random didn´t seem enough for her, however, it always been difficult for me which would be the best way to tell that story. Comic would have been almost perfect for her, but I don´t feel particularly skilled in that field, in other way, I have some experience as a writer, but the conventional narrative would have forced me to resign to the visual aspect, which, in a character as Ludja, I found quite interesting. It took a while for the solution to arrive, and as often happens, it appeared as an equilibrium point between opposites.
The purpose is to make an illustrated novel, and I trust that, due to the combination of genres involved around Ludja, the proposal may seem interesting enough. Very often I said that Ludja is born of the intention to recover a classic idea of Vampirism, a classic idea where the erotic subtext is made explicit, ok, I admit that, but in my personal opinion I think eroticism is more exciting when is used to change a familiar background. Serve this as an invitation and warning of what can be found in this story, so that only who will not be offended by such material approach it. 

Maybe I should warn that horror doesn´t pretend to be shy in this story either, but if you have come this far sure you are of those who can take it. So I invite you to know her, fear her, hate her, desire her, wishing only that she does not leave you indifferent and hopefully wanting for more, cause Ludja is the project I hope to move forward trough my Patreon page, if you want to help me, I assure you that neither I nor her will forget a single name of the ones which help her to reach flesh.
So, partially quoiting Stoker: Enter freely and of your own will and leave some of the happiness you bring… she will take everything else… without asking.
Below there are the download links where you can find the first chapter in English and Spanish and completely illustrated.
Hope you like it.
Download it in Spanish


  1. Damn, Ludja is both sexy and scary. I kinda felt bad for her at the end there though... which is weird.

    In any case, I like the music you've put in the blog, really enriches the atmosphere.

    1. Hi. Thank you very much, but don´t feel bad for her, feel bad for those she will make pay :) Thank you very much again, part of the music is from "NOX ARCANA"

  2. As always, Ludja has curled herself into my mind, giving me visions of passion and blood, the two never isolated. Slick thighs, and panting breaths mark her presence for me, and a ghostly sensation at my neck as I wait.

    Love the blog, the layout is wonderful, and your choice of music certainly hits that nail of erotic horror squarely on the head.

    1. Thank you very much for reading it. Both of you are getting closer to each other step by step, soon I will have to leave you both alone among red satin blankets.
      Please come here from time to time, hopefully there will be more of her soon.