Sunday, January 10, 2016


If I had to be honest, I can´t be too much satisfied with this picture, I´m happy with how ended up the girl in the image; within my capabilities I think it´s a good representation of her character, however, the background it´s another story. When I imagined it looked great in my mind, but when transferred to the paper (I know it´s a digital image but I like to sound classic) I can only say that I bit off more than I could chew. I still got to work a lot in my backgrounds and, in this one in particular, you can see that I was just playing tiredness. It lacks tridimensionality, and the chairs are more like the ones a theatre would have nowadays than back in 1900, but I believe that it ended up being better to let the picture rest with the chance to improve it in future than ending up hating it :)

Vekania is a character from the same series of novels I talked about in the previous post. She is defined as a “poisoner”, but the term sounds much darker than she pretends to be. In fact she´s an expert in drugs, potions and narcotics, an art that in her hands seems closer to witchcraft, however, the purpose of her talent is to help people. Help them to achieve the state of mind needed to feel what they need to feel, find what they are looking for, remember what they have forgotten, or regain the courage to follow their hearts. All of this, with just a few drops of poison in the right spot.

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